Letter to my teacher, from Sarah Slean

Sarah Slean, Letter to my teacher

On the first Monday in May each year, schools across Canada celebrate the impact of music and music education with Music Monday. To mark the occasion, we invited several prominent Canadian musicians across a variety of genres to pen a letter to a music teacher who has greatly influenced their career.

Here, Sarah Slean writes a letter to her teacher, Professor Christina Petrowska Quilico of York University.

Please read the entire letter and my audio response at the CBC Music site.

One thought on “Letter to my teacher, from Sarah Slean

  1. The segment this morning on CBC Radio2 with you and Sarah touched my heart. To hear her say how you encouraged her at a time when she was feeling inferior to the brilliant musicians in her class really resonated with me. I loved that you said the gift she had was something you couldn’t teach her .
    I have a son who has been blessed with the gift of music and who through some very special teachers has been able to pursue his passion.
    The world is a richer place for teachers like you. Kudos!!!

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