Pre-concert review, and interview with composer Constantine Caravassilis

Composer Constantine Caravassilis
Composer Constantine Caravasillis

John Terauds has a review in the Star of the double CD of my performance of Constantine Caravassilis’ “Visons: The Book of Rhapsodies and The Book of Fantasias”

John has also posted an extensive interview with Constantine. From the preamble:

Because the music is tonal, it arrives unthreateningly, like a vaguely familiar face. One can discern a narrative, an emotional arc.

And we need to credit Quilico for assured, vivid interpretations that command attention. She inhabits this musical rhetoric like a natural storyteller.

This is not the sort of music we’re used to getting from graduate students in composition. But even a few minutes in Caravassilis’ company reveal that he is no ordinary student composer.

He and Quilico are making a big deal out of their synaesthesia — literally a blending of the senses, in this case the ability to perceive music as more than just sound.

Quilico, in a fit of enthusiasm, was inspired to paint more than 100 works of art by these 10 pieces of music — each one dictating what colours and textures would find their way to the painted surface.

Read the full interview here, on John Terauds’ Musical Toronto.

Corriere Tandem has also published a two-page story about Constantine and I; the double album and the concert.

Please join us Tuesday January 22, 2013 at 7:30pm in the Glenn Gould Studio.

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