CP24 Mozart Marathon Event Listing – May 4th All Day at Gallery 345!!!

Violinist Jacques Israelievitch and pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico perform The Complete Mozart Violin Sonatas. It is believed to be a first for Toronto to hear all 28 sonatas performed live in one day.

The marathon will be divided into four concerts – at 11 a.m., and 1, 3 and 5 p.m., with only a short break in between. Tickets are available at the door or in advance from https://be-mused.ca/event/mozartsonatas

Mozart (1756-1791) began writing these sonatas at age seven, publishing his first ones in 1764 and his last in 1788. Beethoven was particularly inspired in his own violin-piano sonatas by two of Mozart’s – the early and profound K. 304 in E minor, written in 1778, not long after the death of Mozart’s mother; and the second-last, K. 526 in A (1787).

Jacques Israelievitch says, “The earlier sonatas are generally simpler, as Mozart honed his craft. They evolve into works of greater complexity and depth. The performance itself requires a lot of stamina. I am fortunate in having a piano partner who is up to the task.”

Internationally renowned as individual artists, Petrowska Quilico and Israelievitch formed their duo at York University in 2008, after Israelievitch joined the faculty. They have given concerts of French Impressionist music and new Canadian works, among other things. Last November, as music director of the Koffler Chamber Orchestra, Maestro Israelievitch conducted a concert of Canadian women composers, in which Petrowska Quilico was soloist in piano concertos by Violet Archer and Heather Schmidt.

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