I’m so very honoured to be named one of CBC Music’s 20 can’t-miss classical pianists!

Christina Petrowska Quilico

Her close collaboration with the late Ann Southam has led to some of this country’s finest performances and recordings. Petrowska Quilico’s virtuosic recording Glass Houses Revisited is Centrediscs‘ best-selling CD of all time, and was heavily praised by critics. This spring she’ll release a final recording in the series, and it’s sure to be a highlight of the entire year.


Composer Constantine Caravassilis
Composer Constantine Caravasillis

John Terauds has a review in the Star of the double CD of my performance of Constantine Caravassilis’ “Visons: The Book of Rhapsodies and The Book of Fantasias”

John has also posted an extensive interview with Constantine. From the preamble:

Because the music is tonal, it arrives unthreateningly, like a vaguely familiar face. One can discern a narrative, an emotional arc.

And we need to credit Quilico for assured, vivid interpretations that command attention. She inhabits this musical rhetoric like a natural storyteller.

This is not the sort of music we’re used to getting from graduate students in composition. But even a few minutes in Caravassilis’ company reveal that he is no ordinary student composer.

He and Quilico are making a big deal out of their synaesthesia — literally a blending of the senses, in this case the ability to perceive music as more than just sound.

Quilico, in a fit of enthusiasm, was inspired to paint more than 100 works of art by these 10 pieces of music — each one dictating what colours and textures would find their way to the painted surface.

Read the full interview here, on John Terauds’ Musical Toronto.

Corriere Tandem has also published a two-page story about Constantine and I; the double album and the concert.

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Louis and Christina Quilico
Louis and Christina Quilico


The world of music, and of course our families, suffered a great loss, with the untimely passing of Louis Quilico, 12 years ago today, July 15, 2000.

Louis had a great and lifelong love of singing, “the human instrument.” I thought it would be especially fitting for us to hear him speak about this, from the section “Some Personal Thoughts,” in the †book “Mr. Rigoletto: In Conversation with Louis Quilico”

The most incredible moment of my artistic life was when, as a very young child, I discovered my musical instrument—my singing voice. It was, for me, the unification of body, mind and spirit. Singing grew to become second nature for me, for I had found a love, a true and pure love for singing, that drives me and inspires me to this day.

That is why I have been able to achieve what I have during my career. It is not only the singing that is so wonderful, but the music that drives one to discover and comprehend the emotions and passions that exist within oneself, and in one’s life.

In art, as in life, you must give yourself up completely, meeting challenges with integrity, despite risks. Love of singing creates its own future and embodies everything a singer can hope for in an artistic life.

When you are performing, you are drawn into the mystery of creation. You experience that special moment of magic that is not given to many people, but can transport you into another dimension, just as love does in one’s life.

Louis was so dearly, and so widely loved. Even now, years later, I continue to receive heartfelt appreciation for Louis from fans all over the world, in all the points of internet presence that I maintain in his memory.

Forever loved, forever missed and forever remembered, Wife Christina.

† ISBN 1-896691-83-18

See also “Remembering Louis Quilico on his birthday, January 14

Christina Petrowska Quilico - photograph by Tim Leyes
Christina Petrowska Quilico – photograph by Tim Leyes

I share my favorite music and memories on This is My Music, Saturday, June 2, 10:05 a.m.- noon EDT and west; 11:05 ADT, 11:35 NDT on CBC Radio 2.

My late husbands – Quebec composer Michel-Georges Brégent and famed Metropolitan Opera baritone Louis Quilico – are also remembered on the program.

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Maestro Kristian Alexander and internationally renowned Canadian pianist Christina Petrowska-Quilico were the featured guests at the Rogers TV Daytime show hosted by Jeff Moor and Jacqueline Betterton.

This Grieg concerto has been featured in The X Files, Twin Peaks, Beauty and the Beast, and many other popular film and television productions.

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David Perlman, Publisher of The WholeNote Magazine in conversation with pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico. Topics include career highlights; the music of composers such as Ann Southam, Frank Liszt and Edvard Grieg; her performance with the Kindred Spirits Orchestra at the Markham Theatre on November 5, her new recording “Tapestries” (Centrediscs 2011); and maintaining a balance between performing new music and classical repertoire.

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